Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I just came across a great file manager for Windows call XYplorer. It is fast and has a great user interface. One of the things I like is the preview pane. It allows you to preview quite a few different, common file types like HTML, XML, JPG, PNG, PDF, and SWF (and more). It also has very good search features. One simple thing it has that is great is the ablity to copy the full path to a file. Another nice feature is viewing the date as the age of the file (or its modification). For example, if you set the date modified to age, then it shows how long ago the file was modified (5 secs, 10 mins, 3 hrs (whatever the case may be). The price seems a little on the high-side, around $40. I'll have to see how addicted I get to it during its 21-day trial.