Saturday, August 04, 2007

ActionScript 3.0

I'm finally able to begin getting into ActionScript 3.0 (AS3). As I do, I'm amazed at the Java influence (with some C#).

Funny thing. My first AS3 project started as a very simple click a MovieClip and go to the next frame. No surprises there, right? LOL!

My simple:

trading.onPress = function(){;
function nextScreen(event:MouseEvent):void{;
trading.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, nextScreen);
trading.buttonMode = true;

While not that much more syntactically, definitely different and a big jump towards the Java way. Having taught Java for two years, I don't mind it. But I am curious how other folks will like it.

This was enough of a change to make me pick up O'Reilly's Essential ActionScript 3.0 by Colin Moock. It's funny that the title says "Essential" and the subtitle is "ActionScript 3.0 Programming Fundamentals". Why is it funny? The book is around 900 pages, and it is not large print. Colin does his usual job of superb thoroughness in covering the topic. If you're working with AS3, it's a must have.