Saturday, September 08, 2007

Code-behind and States in Flex 2

I've always liked the .NET way of developing web pages, where you have your code separated from your layout. Someone just referred me to this post on using Flex in a .NET code-behind style (thanks Steve!). It's very similar to .NET, you just extend the Application class and use it in your MXML file.

It is very cool but there's a minor error where the package name is left off the screenshot (though the instructions are correct). One of the comments on the post noted that in order to use states with this approach you needed to make a small change from "mx.states" to "app.states" where "app" is the namespace of your application.

I thought I'd post a version of this approach that included the states issue. I hilited where you need to change "mx" to "app" and where you need to add "app" as the namespace. The shots below are of code done in FlashDevelop 3 (beta 3).

UPDATE: September 14, 2007 1:07 PM I've had additional troubles with using the code-behind and states. I'm afraid for now it's best to hold off on using the approach.