Saturday, December 29, 2007

Favorite ActionScript 3 and Flash 9 Books

I was just writing someone about my favorite ActionScript 3 and Flash 9 books and thought it might be worth elaborating on in the blog. These are not all my AS3 books by any means, but they are my favorites. You may also be interested in these if you're doing Flex development. I do have opinions on Flex books, but that's another blog.
  • ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University - This may be the most fun way to get your feet wet in AS3 and Flash 9 if you're already experienced with Flash. Especially if you prefer to look at complete examples to learn from. You can also use the numerous examples to build upon instead of starting from scratch. Plus, it is Flash-oriented where many of the ActionScript books are Flash-neutral. The book has great support with an accompanying website with demos of the games you can play, as well as a forum to interact with the author and other readers.
  • Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move! - Another fun and great way to learn AS3 programming. This book is Flash neutral, so you can do it from a text editor with the Flex SDK compiler, FlashDevelop, FlexBuilder, or Flash. While his examples are not complete games like the above, they are small, useful examples. He also gives a good intro to AS3.
  • Essential ActionScript 3.0 - If you plan to write AS3 code, this book is a must to have.
  • Flash CS3 Professional Advanced - This is a great intro to Flash 9 with AS3, probably my favorite all-purpose Flash book, I review it here. This book will effectively bridge your Flash 8 and AS2 knowledge to Flash 9 and AS3. It has very clear explanations and illustrations.