Monday, March 03, 2008

Blender Basics Course

My first course for was launched today: Blender Basics! I've been a fan of's Flash tutorials for many years, so I was honored to be asked to do Blender courses. produces high quality training for a great price.

Blender Basics is for folks who've never used Blender before. It is a gentle introduction to a very powerful, open source, 3d program. In it I try to address the concerns I had when I first downloaded it. The interface is very different than most Mac or PC programs. Once you learn the basics though, you'll like it. It is very fast and highly configurable.

After learning some of the basics of the interface, interacting in the 3d space, setting up your workspace, saving and loading, I show you how to make a 3d character scratch, just starting with a sketch. I cover modeling and finish up with introduction to materials and rendering.

The video high quality, it is compressed using the H.264 codec at Best quality, Millions, 1024x768. The audio is AAC 44.100kHz. The only place to get it (legally) is and I will be donating a percentage of the profits to the Blender Foundation to support further development of Blender.