Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blender Basics 2

Blender Basics 2 was released today by CartoonSmart (no foolin')! BB2 is 4 hours (twice as long as Blender Basics!). In BB2 you learn how to:
  • Use procedural textures on materials
  • Place an image using UV maps
  • Use the Screw tool to create corkscrew extrusions (like springs)
  • Use multiple textures
  • Extrude along 2d and 3d bezier paths
  • Lathe using the Spin tool
  • Create a basic rig (a skeleton)
  • Skin a rig 3 different ways
  • Use boolean modifiers on objects
  • Use layers
  • Use groups
  • Append from other files
  • Create new screens
  • and more tips on working with materials, meshes, objects, lights, and rendering
BB2 assumes you are familiar with navigating around the 3d workspace. So it is appropriate for users who have seen Blender Basics!, either the full version or the free version (which is the first 40-minutes of Blender Basics!), or if you are already familiar with some of the basics this video should be fine for you. It is still going through the many features of Blender through the creation of the scene pictured above.

The video high quality, it is compressed using the H.264 codec at Best quality, Millions, 1024x768. The audio is AAC 44.100kHz. The only place to get it (legally) is CartoonSmart.com. Just as we did for Blender Basics!, CartoonSmart.com and I will be donating a percentage of the profits to the Blender Foundation to support further development of Blender.