Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Blender Basics 3 - Animation!

My latest course, Blender Basics 3, has launched at CartoonSmart.com. In it you'll:
  • Import vector art, extrude, and animate it (can you say "flying logo"?)
  • Learn how to use the IPO Curve Editor
  • Use the Action Editor for creating actions for bones
  • Combine actions in the NLA Editor
  • Learn how to use bone constraints
  • Do object animation
  • Do character animation using armatures and bones
This is my third Blender course and it builds on the other two, but if you're already familiar with what the first two cover, you can jump right in to it. The models to work with are supplied, or if you went through the first two courses you can use your own versions of them. If you have not animated before in Blender, this is the video for you.

It is over 3 hours long and is recorded in the same manner as the others, compressed using the H.264 codec at Best quality, Millions, 1024x768. The audio is AAC 44.100kHz. Just as we did for Blender Basics 1 & 2, CartoonSmart.com and I will be donating a percentage of the profits to the Blender Foundation to support further development of Blender.