Monday, June 09, 2008

MB to GB to TB

I saw this incredible deal from MicroCenter, a 1 TB hard drive for $199. And then I thought about it... a TERAbyte for $199. A terabyte is a 1,000 gigabytes. I remember when me and my buddy, Mitch, bought a 1 GB hard drive for around $1,200 and we marveled at the size (both storage space and physical size). We soon learned we could fill that up, too. This is a 1,000 times the size in a smaller container.

It's funny, just last week I was thinking similar thoughts when I ordered an 8 GB flash drive for $28. Eight GB for under $30, eight times the space of that old massive drive me and Mitch bought. My first computer, a Mac SE, had a 20 MB hard drive. This would hold 400 times the space of that Mac SE in the palm of my hand.

Well, I feel a little better in that the Firefox spell check does not recognize the term "terabyte". :)