Sunday, July 20, 2008

Broadcast Yourself... but not with FLV

Richard and I have uploaded 29 Bits of Blender. This weekend we did two more and tried to upload them. Using the same preset I've use for all of them, I found that YouTube was giving me an error "Failed (unable to convert video file)". After some trial and error, I found out it was the FLV format that YouTube is choking on. This is the format Adobe Premiere Elements 4 uses to upload to YouTube and what we've used for all our previous Bits. Why it stopped working, I've no clue. But YouTube will not accept a FLV today whether from Premiere or through the browser(I tried it both ways). I exported a WMV from Premiere and then uploaded through the browser and that worked, but is lower quality. I exported a MOV using H.264 at best quality it also worked, but it too was lower quality. I hope YouTube fixes this problem in short order.