Tuesday, November 22, 2011

State Machines

The third course--State Machines-- in my Strategy Games in ActionScript 3 series is now available from CartoonSmart.com.
  • 5 hours
  • Learn to master state machines in part 3 of the Strategy Games in AS3 series. Attach A* to sprites to move them across terrains, bringing together the two previous parts of this series.
  • Create a shaded terrain.
  • Dynamically adjust contrast with the ColorMatixFilter class.
  • Create multiple states for an object.
  • Progress from a simple switch statement to object-oritented states.
  • Create multiple players.
  • Learn to create a turn-based environment for units and players, for both human and computer input.
  • Create computer opponents.
  • Create multiple unit types: land, air, computer and human.
  • Use the bitmap class to create a “fog of war” that reveals the map as units move.
  • Differentiate between turn-based and non-turn-based states (and support both).
  • Add combat between units.
  • Refactor to use a singleton design pattern.

You can also get a bundle of all three courses, 10 hours of training:
  • Terrains
  • A* Pathfinding
  • State Machines