Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Painter Moment

Instead of paper, I was using Painter to write some notes on an ActionScript 3 program I am going to code. As I wrote, I would change colors. Then I realized I wanted to highlight some things. So I figured I'd switch to the felt pen.

When I did, I noticed it was one that would work with the 6d pen's rotation, so I switched to the Wacom 6d Art Pen and highlited rotating as I drew.

Then I switched back to my normal pen, selected the scratchboard tool for writing and continued to write.

Then I wanted to highlight again so I grabbed the 6d, and of course it remembered that the 6d had the felt pen AND the color it was using.

I know, it seems like a little thing but it was very natural... having the pens remember the color and brush, having the ability to rotate my felt pen as I drew... I have been aware of all these features in Painter and played with them. Most of the time when I've been painting, I use one pen. But this was using them in a rather mundane way, thinking more of my work as I switched between pens than the cool features.