Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blender to Acrobat 3D

A co-worked was talking about Acrobat 3d yesterday. It sounded cool so I had to try it!

The first thing I found out was Acrobat imports the Universal 3D (U3D) format. Looking at my export options in Blender, I did not see an option for that. So a quick Google brought me to the open source MeshLab. With MeshLab I was able to export the BLEND to OBJ and then convert U3D. That worked on a simple model (a cube with a UV), but crashed repeatedly when I tried a more complicated model.

Searching further, I found out the free (but not open source) DAZ Studio exported U3D. I use DAZ and I like it. So I brought my OBJ into DAZ (no problem) and exported the U3D. DAZ exported a large file very fast!

Then I went into Acrobat Profession 8, opened a document, went to Tool=>Advanced Editing=>3D Tool. With the 3D Tool, draw a box into which you will import your U3D.

You can see a quick test of the Blender Basics mouse in Acrobat here. I didn't do any tweaking to the lighting or materials after bringing it into DAZ via the OBJ format, it is just a straight import/export with no finessing: Blender=>OBJ=>DAZ=>U3D=>Acrobat.


  1. I also have been experiment with acrobat 3d using blender and photoshop 3D but I can not get a solid view of my model when creating the pdf3d-file even when I set solid view on rendering form, instead I get a transparent material, or a wireframe model Can you tell me how to get solid view

  2. Did you follow the same steps as in my post above?

  3. Meshlab worked for me. It's not pretty but you can do it without Acrobat Pro. Meshlab will export the UD3 file with a simple Latex script which you can use pdflatex on. The only problem I had is when I tried to change the default orientation (which was odd) I get a divide by 0 error from pdflatex.

  4. I think that this i really cool, but i cant figure out how to put the material and colour on my model. not in meshlab, and not in DAZ. How did you do?