Thursday, August 28, 2008

Logic Bricks

My latest lesson was just released today, it is called Logic Bricks. In it I cover the fundamentals of doing interactive 3d in Blender. No programming is required! Learn about Blender's visual programming using Logic Bricks. Quickly create complex interactions. Detect keyboard input, changes scenes, move objects, use the physics engine for gravity and collisions, use properties, sound, animate in real-time using IPOs and Actions, also learn about linking files (as opposed to appending) and the Discombobulator script. And the Blender Basics mouse makes a return (but this time in real-time)!

Prerequisite knowledge
Having worked through the Blender Basics Package or equivalent experience.

I got a question from one of my students regarding versions of Blender. The Logic Bricks lesson was created using version 2.46. Version 2.47 of Blender was just released as well, should you upgrade? With a lesson, I think it is always best to work in the same version. I just got a look at version 2.47 and it looks like they added functionality to the Logic Bricks. To avoid confusion, it would be best to stick with 2.46 for the lesson.

Thanks to Mitch Lopata for letting me use his space ship to illustrate linking (and having a cool example).