Monday, September 01, 2008

The Blender Basics Mouse???

I got the most unusual version of the Blender Basics mouse yet! Since he is not a newcomer to 3d, when designer/illustrator Mitch Lopata decided to go through my Blender Basics lesson, he decided to deviate a little... Well more than a little. He did his own sketch of a character ("Liz") and implemented it while following along with my sketch and implementation of the mouse. Nice job!


  1. Awesome stuff! I'm still going through the tutorial got pass the 1st one lesson 2 now.

    This is what I've done

    Great tutorials thanks I could of never gotten blender before especially with the written guides but the course is super easy.

    Thanks agian

  2. Thank you, jonz, and great job! I look forward to seeing what you for the second video.