Saturday, February 27, 2010

You know you have a Google Voice account if...

This post is something my daughter wrote. We both have Google Voice numbers, if you have one, you can probably relate.

by Alice Nyquist

All phone numbers given are EXAMPLES.

You have a phone number that's easy to remember, like 224-444-422 or a phone number that has your name or a word in it (like 720-7HAPPY7)

You can't remember your cell phone number because you give out your Google number to everyone.

You can't remember the numbers that make up the name/word/phrase that you put in your phone number, so you always just recite it with the name/word/phrase...and get funny looks

You have to explain to your friends why your phone number is "like that"

When someone wants the actual numbers for your Google Voice number (for those of us using a phrase), you have to look at your phone keyboard and call out the numbers SLOWLY to make sure you don't make a spelling mistake :)

You prefer to text message from your computer.

You check your voice mail from your computer.

Entertainment is laughing at the funny transcripts Google writes of your voicemails.

You have recorded a separate voicemail greeting for each friend/family member. And the first time people call your cell phone number and get voicemail, it scares them because the voicemail knows their name! (I personally haven't done this yet so that I don't freak anyone out, but it's a pretty cool feature)

You don't find it strange if your home phone and cell phone are ringing at the same time...about the same caller.

You find it annoying when you pick up your cell phone only to have Google Voice hang up on you because someone answered the home phone first.

When filling out work/volunteer/sign-up/membership forms, you debate whether to give out your home phone number or Google voice number.