Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blender and SecondLife

This lesson is for Blender users and SecondLife users! Whether you use Blender, SecondLife, or both, you'll get something out of this course.

Lesson 1 - Just the Basics
This section is for the Second Life user who has never used Blender. It will teach you enough of the basics to get started.

Lesson 2 - Adding Clothes
In this part, you will learn to bring in one of the standard meshes and import in your images. After viewing in Blender, the image is brought into SecondLife and you are shown how to use it to create clothes in-world.

Lesson 3 - Skirt
This section deals with the skirt's mesh.

Lesson 4 - Projection Painting
Even experienced Blender users will appreciate this section. Use images to paint on your clothes with Blender's powerful projection painting features. You'll start from scratch (a blank image), and use four different photographs as your source images to create a UV texture. You'll also learn the tools, as well as the workflow, for using multiple source images. This technique is useful well-beyond SecondLife clothes. You can use it to create texture maps for illustration, animation, games, etc.

Lesson 5 - Beyond the Basics
Go further and learn the different OBJ import options and strategies to combine, group, and separate meshes. Then view the UV textures in the game engine and when they are rendered.

Lesson 6 - Super Quick Start
You've done the tutorial, now watch a quick refresher on how to bring in the model and images to view the clothes in-world.

What Another Pro Says About This Course...
"Concise, clear, patient delivery style, etc. But what really has that "BoB" golden touch is the 'Projection Painting' movie. OMG! Seriously!! Dude, I could've used that a few months ago when we were working on a 'Star Wars' game where we were asked to animate some idling Jawas (and their cloth robes*). Absolutely brilliant, Man!!"
-Tim Sisco
3d Artist at International Game Technology (IGT)